Twang's Letters

Day 2 of employment.

Had a sweep and clear mission come down, I love those. Unfortunately, some maid stepped out of the wrong door at the wrong time…too bad. Not a whole lot of resistance, I think I actually got scratched once. I like having a retard barbarrian in the group, he gets all the bad guys to focus on him and then i get to shoot them at my leisure. It doesn’t take skill to charge in and scream like an idiot and get killed. True skill is to strike from the shadows and drop a couple before they even know you are there. Ran into a Beholder and killed it. Yeah.. thats right I just said that..I fuckin killed it..not the retard…you …arrow to your head. Decent payout and we are doing a party gold purse and item collection. I agree. What the hell am I going to do with a batttle axe or a full blade. Give it to the retard. It will make his day, and probably pull even more attention away from me. Don’t know what I’ll do with my share of the loot. Hopefully get a shot at some Duregar during these jobs. I hate those bastards. Love to watch them bleed. The Drow has some promise. Need to get her to shoot with me more and we can do some serious takedowns.

Day 3

Finally got to shoot some machines today. They don’t bleed like everybody else, but they still die like everybody else. They had a caster of some sort which gave us a little trouble and made it a little sporting. Just good clean fun if you ask me. Giants, does anybody like these guys? Seriously, unless your building a bridge or castle or something and need brute force. They aren’t really known for their conversation abilities or dare I say stealth skills. Getting the dead guy to talk was kind of cool. Oh, the kill shot..again. Just doing my job. If I was a meat shield, I would be face to face with the bad guys, but I’m the shooter. My job is to kill things, stay out of the way, don’t die, in that order. Looking forward to meeting this Lord of Blades dude. Might try one of my more powerful shots on him just for the hell of it.

Day 4

Milled around and had to figure some stuff out today. The freak with the mind powers didn’t dissapoint today. Managed to get hurt by something and then cut off his head and arm and moved them to a different body..what a freak..Can’t say he isn’t dedicated. I can say he is insane. Had a decent fight today, everybody did what they were supposed to do. Get them up close and hold them up while I shoot them at my leisure. Got a few kills but spread the wealth more this time to help out the group more. Don’t know if I’m going to do that again, will think about it later. The freak charged in and almost got himself killed..something about fools rush in. We made it through ok, I think the big guy we dropped was on of the major players for the machines. He was a big ugly bastard that got really unlucky with his swings and even the dwarf messed him up good with the drow. Decent one two punch with those two. Kinda looks like this could be a good combo for the group. A few more big ass fight and I might even say we work well togather. Once again will think about this whole team thing and try to figure out where I stand and if I want to with the likes of these guys. Fired a ton of shots today and almost got a blister on my reload hand.


Well, kind of surprised by the Lord of Blades guy. (Mental note rule#2 double tap) The damn machine stood up and cut our employer in three parts with some of his blades (he had like 8 or something on him/parts of him). Need to make sure that the damn things stay down. Don’t think fire would do any good but so far the frost seems to be working in fights. Maybe the acid from our newfound friend the Black Dragon would help. Nice to have friends in high places I always say. I like the fact that we set it free, no animal deserves to be in a cage, even if it is a dragon. Now on a mission to apparently take down more of the warforged so they can’t bring a huge one back to life. Some wackjob bent on world destruction or domination again. I hate those guys, but it is easier than trying to reason with somebody who might still be on the fence and convince them they are wrong. At least we can just kill these bastards on sight, you know the whole save the city then the world thing.


Okay, rolling down a rail in the dark in a minecart type thingee and then some magic cage type thingee trying to kill us. This is starting to get complicated and I hope this is worth all the trouble because it seems to be one of those “its more trouble than its worth” scenarios. True, we are on the whole “savin the world” type mission, but why can’t some other schmo save the world? Anyway, met some goblins and warforged that didn’t like us and we almost got our ass kicked. I used pretty much everything I had and then some just to stay alive in that battle, let alone kill the bastards. The female drow is starting to scare me, she is really starting to like killing the goblins a little to much for my taste. Granted, I hate the little boogers just as much as anyone, but she seems to be REALLY enjoying it and it is starting to be noticeable. What is going to happen if we run out of goblins? What if she hasn’t killed anything for a day? two? seven? Will I have to be extra careful when I trance? Rest assured I won’t be the first to go. Would like to get this mission done and get back to the real world of sunlight and moonlight. Might need to invest in some teleport boots or gloves or something for when the fit hits the shan.


Really glad I bought those boots. Totally surrounded by little machine things that go boom. Who the hell thinks these things up. Anyway, used the boots when I was surrounded by machines and weird dog mutant things. Once again, can’t wait to get above ground where the monsters are real. We were attacked by that Tink Tink guy, a goblin on a movebale chair that controlled the explosive things. Then a crap load of traps all over the room made it a difficult getaway indeed. I think we are finally getting used to each others fighting styles and are complementing each other in almost all fights. I don’t think I will ever get used to the mind freak guy. He is a little to weird for me and he needs to shut the hell up. Hope we don’t have to fight the mammoth machine that the religious freaks are trying to wake up. It seems a little impossible, even with all the magic we got. And what the hell is with this cat anyway? It had better be a lucky cat or a wizard in disguise to save our ass when we need it.

Twang's Letters

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