Mentok's Mental Log

Xen’Drik Chronicles

Day 1: After days worrying about procuring food, finally land is in sight. Running across the water was a strange little man who appeared on the ship, patted the boat, then left. As I already know the origin of this mysterious figure, I will wait til let my compatriots to ascertain his identity on their own. With the tension of starvation gone we finally are able to concentrate enough to gain entry into the ships hold. Inside a man was imprissoned and mind washed to control the ship. We let him be as our job is to delivery the ship as is. The ship is steered towards a secret cave in the side of cliff facing the ocean and their we meet Brun Leon, an apparent mafia leader running a protection racket in town. We learn that our party is blamed for the kidnapping of a house Orien noble as well the murders of others and Brun Leon will help us clear it up, and while doing so we will work for him. He is obviously using us but we are getting paid, so for now it is fine.

Day 2: Brun offers us a job investigating a rival group who has entered town. We muscle our way into a base of theirs and investigate finding some sort of demon summoning or binding chamber, some papers of perhaps importance to investigate further later, and a demon blade now in possession of the drow. NOTE: Take the mind of the drow the moment she shows sign of betrayal, then disenchant the blade and mint commemorative coins out of the remains. Distribute coins throughout various wishing wells, beggars, orphans, and loose women.


Day 2 Cont: Found the ritual book that coincided with the demon summoning chamber, went ahead and let the shifter get pricked by the poison trap within it. The book requires blood to see it’s contents, too much for me to waste my time on. We returned to Brun, who’s apparently a werewolf. Nobody besides me thought to get the ogres on our side or secure the other guild house, they should know the folley of relying on me to think of everything by now. Gave Brun all the info and the book. Cash and another job was our reward.

We were to break into a Cannith guild house, rescue an associate, and kill the other occupants. I knew that breaking in would be easy so I decided to have some fun and have our warforged run amock to allow myself in. Inside we found the dragonborn who we were suppose to rescue, who was already rescuing himself. Then we were attacked by a beholder and a hulking monster. Oh, and the Lord of Blades was there, but he was too frightened by the powers of Mentok to fight and ran off through a portal. We made short work of them and began inspecting the house. Slight headache from the fight, the beholder’s future beyond about to be killed was hard to read, too many voices in my head.

Inside the guild house we found various treasurely items as well as our “informant” from earlier that day. We plan to do a more thorough interogation once we return him to the Night Angels and remove a curse on him.

Day 3: Just because I already know how things are going to happen, doesn’t mean I don’t get pissed when I can’t stop them. We were tasked with reestablishing contact with some giants for Brun Leon. The Lord of Blades had paid them a visit and slaughtered their village save for their shaman who fortunately was away at the time. Unfortunately he was their actual target. They came back for him while we were there. Originally we had all hid while the giant stood defiantly out in the open and was cut down almost immediately as a result, so instead I tried to stand beside him and disable his opponents but he was cut down all the same.

The reasoning for the shaman’s demise was that he housed the spirit of death and the warforged sought to destroy it. Because the fates hate me, the witless dwarf is now the carrier of the spirit. We are now tasked with stopping the Lord of Blades before he summons forth a godforged titan to destroy all natural life. I’d ask if things could get any worse, but that would be pointless as I already know.

Oh, and the others finally realized the experiential airship’s power source is the missing O’Rien boy, I suppose that was sort of humorous.

Day 3 Cont: Shortly after learning about the impending doom of the world, a portal rips open in Brun Leon’s office and the warforged berzerker and the our new dragonborn ally are pulled through by mechanical hands. They won’t last long, but not much we could do, especially considering what happened next. I wish my visions of the future were a bit more controllable, or at least clear. The portal which ripped open in Brun’s office left behind a wisp. I knew it was important, so I had it captured and began to study it.

I’m sorry to say that I still don’t know what it is, it not having a mind makes it’s identification all the more difficult in addition to it just not existing in the timeline that I can see. I knew it was significant because of the ripples of my own thoughts pulsing back to me from the future, but too distant were they to know what would happen next. During study the wisp escaped from it’s container and stung my right hand. I could feel it coursing through my veins, burning my arm, it wasn’t until much later, after it had reached my shoulder that I had thought of amputation, the future visions of physical change forcing the necessity of immediate response.

The body of the house Orien boy had been returned to us, through a portal… without it’s head, a warning from the warforged impaled upon his chest. Now the body is my own, as I had my own head grafted onto it as well as my dragonmarked hand. It is very akward, but seeing the shriveled and dessicated corpse that I left behind, I know it was well worth it. I was unable to elude the wisp entirely. A third eye has developed on my forehead, which holds the charge for a powerful mind control ray. While beneficial, it will no doubt have its drawbacks in the future.

We kalashtar originally hailed from the realm of dreams. I have heard tales of another similar realm, a world of nightmarish aliens far beyond our understanding, a world far out of reach, a Far Realm if you will, that potentially has much to do with psychic power. Tales say that the use of psychic power draws the far realm closer to our own. It is possible that this otherworldy wisp was part of that realm, able to sneak into our world through the sudden portal opened in Brun Leon’s office and drawn to me. I have no doubt that my body swap caused most of it to stay behind, that had I remained in my own vessel it would have been mutated into some other form, perhaps that of an aboleth.

For now, I must rest, the transplant has left me weak, and we will soon be teleported blindly to the warforged stronghold.

Day 4: Still a bit weak, but mentally I feel great. So much so that when ask by a dragon we met after our teleportation, if I could take his mind, I did. A great black dragon, chuckling at my introduction as The Mindtaker, asks if I, The Mindtaker, could take his mind. So I did, and when he could not wriggle free of my grasp, I calmly let him go and made him our ally, promising to free him from his servitude to the warforged.

We infiltrated further into warforged base and watched a small army leave on an underground lightning rail system. The drow and elf deftly fell some patrolling guards as we made our way deeper in until we found a chamber directly above the dragons and began to investigate. My combat sense tingled and I made my way towards a doorway where a number of minions would soon enter, while the rest of the group investigated the other side of the chamber. It just so happened that they awoke the Lord of Blades who then called his minions to bare, bringing them right into my clutches.

The fight was a thing of beauty. I held off 4 of the Lord’s personal guard as well as 1 of his steel predator lapdogs (see also robodog the size of a horse) by myself while the others dealt with the other horse dog robot, a guard, and the Lord himself. The Lord of Blades took issue with the dwarf, and attacked but the midget was too dumb or drunk to feel the blows. The drow then swoops in, enveloping herself and the Lord in her cloud of darkness, and when the Lord attempted to escape, the shifter impaled him on his spear, driving the construct back into the black void. Moments later the darkness fell, the drow standing over of the corpse of the lord. The elf fired a volley of arrows into the other horse dog robot, followed by the shifter impaling it and lifting the great beast in the air as to be an easy target for Brun Leon’s ensuing werewolf tackle.

It was so glorious that I was distracted from my duty holding off the other half of the fight myself, but thankfully do to my future sight, I was able to avoid a pair of blows that would have removed my head from my new body, and merely suffered a heavy blow to the gut, winding me and knocking me to the ground. I came to mere seconds later to find the dwarf channeling his death spirit to encase my attackers in ice, arrows sticking out of not just them, but the rest of the mechanical corpses in the room. Glorious fight, first combat in a while where I didn’t feel as merely a spectator. Now, to release this dragon…

Day 4 cont:The sage showed up, sad about Bruns death, oh well. I overestimated my ability to dodge rocks. We freed the dragon by way of collapsing the floor and the ceiling. I magicked some answers out of the head of the “Lord of Blades”, and learned the lightning rail goes under the ocean all the way to Sharn where the godforged is deep underground. Tried to sleep on the way, and was rudely interupted at the end.

We ended up in some godawful goblin city and were about to be given the “go do these menial tasks before we let you continue to save the world” questline, we said fuck that and were able to investigate where to go on our own. Would have gone more smoothly if the idiot shifter hadn’t blurted out what we were told not to blurt out, summoning doom upon our heads. We made it out fine, did some more investigation, and now we’re going to rest up for whats probably going to be our final confrontation with destiny or what have you.

Day 5: Destiny is awkward. After a maze of tunnels we encountered a goblin mechanist bomb chucker what have you. After narrowly avoiding disinigration, thanks to yours truly, we’ve claimed his mechanical walker platform are currently having the drow puppet the dead goblin on it, leading about its army of tiny walking bombs. Apparently Howling death is alright, and is now smashing things just like he always had. We plan on affixing various pieces to him to make him appear as the Lord of Blades to hopefully talk the warforged down, using his disguise the the goblin mechanist to escort myself, the dwarf, and the shifter towards capture or something, haven’t pieced it all together just yet.

Whatever the plan, it won’t end well.

Mentok's Mental Log

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