Galileo's Journal

Day 1: Heist successful, but not running according to plan. At least I don’t think it is. I didn’t know that the ship was going to just take off and fly us to another continent. Investigating the ship was creepy. Instead of an elemental being bound to the ship in some way, it appears this airship uses a human in a macabre substitution. I was never House Orien’s biggest fan, but if they did this… well… then they are worse than Drasc by far and I almost pity the man. I’m not sure if I’m being played in some sort of sick game, but I don’t like how I feel. The ship landed in the secret base of our apparent employer. It seems suspiciously convenient, but we were payed and that mitigates some of my frustration. The leader of the group, a Brun Leon, that seems to have hired us is either an oddly on the level type of guy or an absolute master of deception. Being as that this group appears to be some sort of criminal ring called the Night Angels I lean towards the slick and slippery theory, but he feels so genuine. I hate being conflicted.

Day 2: I slept well last night and that is a welcome feeling. Today this Brun Leon gave us a new assignment. We were to find out as much as we could about an upstart rival group that had been antagonizing the Night Angels. Our little group worked well together, the strange mind guy was fantastically useful. It’s like we can have our own little private conversations in the middle of a crowd without any fear of being overheard. This is incredibly tactically significant and I will try to think of more ways to use this to our advantage. The drow and the dwarf seemed able to roll with an improvised plan and play along while I was playing fast and loose to try and get us in to the rival gang’s HQ. The robot seems to hit harder than some giants I’ve seen and the archer does his job very well. I may just enjoy working with these guys. Still feel like I’m a game piece being moved by unseen hands though, and that cuts a fair amount of the fun out of it though. Rival gang was lead by a tough bastard who may have had some sort of unholy sword. The drow picked up the remains of the weapon and I’m not sure that I’m comfortably with that, but I can deal and I’ll keep my eyes open. The real scary bit was the room that looked like it was set up for some unholy bad juju. We’ll see how Brun Leon reacts to the info we bring him and the news that we put the hurt on this rival gang when we see him next.

1/24/10 Day 2(cont) Well, the reaction involved payment and a new job. We were given information that the local chapter of House Cannith was behaving erratically and was our target. We were told that we could burn the house down for all the Night Angel’s cared. Twang, Midnight, and myself opted for a bit of stealth to get into the house, but Mentok and the rest went with a more straight forward approach and wound up creating an excellent distraction. There was a beholder inside that had apparently corrupted the House. We killed the beast and its minions and discovered evidence that the Cannith corruption was connected to the rival gang that we dealt with. When we examined the house for hidden rooms we discovered the poor sap that had led us to the hidden hideout chained and apparently being punished. Behind everything is this blade symbol. I believe that the blade symbol is connected to the Lord of Blades. I have a bad feeling about that…

Day 3 I HATE GAMES!!! Brun Leon practically admitted that we have been used as pawns. O.K. taking a deep breath and starting from the beginning. Got a new mission. Diplomatic mission, should have been a nice change. We were sent to rendezvous with a tribe of giants that Brun Leon hadn’t heard from in a long time. We come to the right spot and there is one single live giant making a funeral pyre for all his dead tribesman. I speak giant so I did a lot of the talking. We use a ritual to talk to one of the dead giants and find out that the Lord of Blades was there personally in combat when the tribe was slaughtered. It seems like no sooner than we got our answers than the warforged show up to try and finish the job by killing the survivor. This survivor becomes a willing avatar of the natural force of death and winter to fight. These robots seemed built to piss me off, they were hurting people faster than I could heal them and attacking from range that complete neutralized my skill with a glaive. I kept the party alive, but flirted with death a bit too much for my own tastes. And I don’t mean that I was making eyes at the giant. The giant died, but the spirit of death and winter latched on to the dwarf before being annihilated. All this as if we don’t have enough trouble already. When we get back, Brun Leon admits that he is serving this creepy wizard that we met and that we are now involved in a fight to stop the Lord of Blades from summoning a godforged titan and destroying all organic life in Eberron. I HATE BEING USED AS A PAWN!!! If the dang wizard is so powerful why isn’t he doing anything besides skulking in the shadows. Dol Dorn has given me a challenge that I do not know if I am worthy of and that is putting me on edge too. At least I have been given worthy comrades.

Galileo's Journal

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