Codex of Howling Death

Day 1: - I awake in an unfamilliar room only to find a goblin… with tools (which is scary enough)... WORKING ON ME. I certianly hope he hasn’t messed anything up. No sooner do I begin to check for proper calibrations, when the very same thick-skulled goblin is splattered all over me by an over zealous gnome… or was it a dwarf, they both remind me of wrinkle-faced children. I don’t dream so I can’t imagine what a nightmare must be like, but if I had to, I would assume that being chased by an army of old faced children would make even the foulest beast cringe.

- BLEH great, I can feel peices of goblin running down into all the wrong places.

- The hairy child with the hammer is convinced that he knows me, and I can’t seem to shake the feeling that we have met.

- Blind as a bat. I really need to do something about my eyesight, the party will run out of sunrods at this rate.

- GOBLINS GOBLINS GOBLINS !!! Great, now they have bombs. Fortunately not much common sense. Thankfully the ranger killed the goblin far from me, I’m already covered in enough of the other one.

- The drow, obviously twisted, begins working the dead goblin like some sort of nightmarish marionette. I must admit I did chuckle, its always funny when goblins die… as long as they aren’t on me.

- What a day… Did I mention I’m to have the parts from a dead Warforged grafted to me so I can assume his Identity and infiltrate the base to stop the resurection of a godforged earth titan?

Day 2: - The Ranger scouts ahead while I get my cosetic makeover. I feel strangely at home wearing the parts of another warforged on my body.

- Alright a couple of goblins, looks like its time to see if we can fool them. They are more frightened of the lord of blades than I had anticipated, I think one of the creatures may have actually urinated on himself…

- With little to no thought on the matter, I kicked the dwarf from the elevator long before we had reached the ground floor. I’m not sure if that was me, or the lord of blades channeling hatred for the dwarf.

- A flood of injured, and dying goblins ran past us, flailing their stubby putrid arms about. In any other situation I would have sat back and enjoyed the show, but the ranger informs us that he thinks that a dragon is responsible for all the chaos. We had better get the jump on him before he becomes aware of our presence, and we end up like the goblins.

- I ran in, axe in hand, nearly overcome by fear. The sheer size of the creature before me was greater than that of any I had faced before. I tried to think quickly of a place to attack the beast. Before I could land the first blow, the creature jumped at me with blinding speed and clamped down with its crushing jaws. Perhaps it was the blades on my back, or the Distraction from the dwarf, but the beast finally spit me out.

- My vision was a little fuzzy. In the distance I could see stone creatures fighting my comrades. Sudenly a booming voice commanded me to stand, I was wounded badly, but I had never felt more empowered, I unleashed a flurry of blows. One landing, then another, then another. Each strike cutting deeper into the beast.

- Having no more energy I colapsed. I could feel all life draining from my body, then all was black. I felt the bony grasp of something otherworldly embrace me. Promises of conquest and victory had been given in exchange for the Souls of my enemies. No sooner had I agreed, new life had been breathed into me. I was now destined for greater things.

Day 2.5: -Treasure abound, there is so much treasure here, I’m going to buy some new gold plated eyes… on second thought, they would only get stolen, and I would be slightly more blind than I am now.

-We aquired two new companions today, likely prisoners of the warforged. We can use all the help we can get at this point.

-The end draws near one way or another. I have confidence on the abilities of my companions… however defeating a godforged alone will be quite a feat im afraid.

-If I make it out of this alive, I’m going to treat myself to a VERY thorough detailing. I still have parts of goblins in every crevace, and now I have sentient bugs inhabiting the putrid corpses of god knows what, projectile vomiting on me.

-I fear that after our last fight the jig is up on our lord of blades disguise. I’m no longer fooling anyone, my blades are bent, and my mask, although stylish, hardly stays put. I have a hard enough time seeing with these outdated eyes as it is.

-With less than 6 hours until the godforged is completely re-animated we must act quickly, we need to make our way to the control room. Getting past security will present us with problems, but we must forge ahead.

Day 2.75 -This will likely be my final entry. It all comes down to these next two hours. This can only end one of two ways.

-There are bodies on the side of this tram, wrapped up like the leftovers of a mass funeral, I can’t help but feel like we are gliding right into a… trap. Yep could have done without that.

-Stupid tram I should have braced myself for the worst when I saw those glyphs, if we don’t act fast we could end up like those leftovers.

-Lady Vol is a person I had hoped to have never met… lucky me

-She wasn’t what she appeared to be, the group and I quickly dispatched her, and only sand remained, I hate traps, and this is exactly what it feels like.

-We have parted out the gem encrusted skull, which our new magicly inclined friend has assured us is for the best. We likely just destroyed some ancient artifact, for the purposes of entertaining the crazy ramblings of another magician. However I know nothing of those things, so I suppose I am content to remain blissfully ignorant of the arcane.

-I have pryed open yet another door. It seems all power to this accursed place has been cut, or at least re-routed. Let us pray the re-routed power isn’t fueling the godforged.

Codex of Howling Death

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