The Night Angels

The FNG's Arrive

Day 1,490

The FNG’s arrive today by way of that airship I was told about. It’s actually quite an attractive ship, if you can ignore it’s entire concept. I shudder to think of what that poor boy is going through, or his family for that matter. Hopefully though these mercs Digger has told me so much about wont be as bad as the last group he had me hide. I still can’t seem to find any of my stash!

Also, I need to make sure that they have rooms this time, can’t have them sleeping on the floor. Uhg, Tank-arrrd is not going to be happy about this, I will have to talk with him and his crew. Perhaps I will get lucky and they will arrive later this evening, after the festivities, though I doubt my luck will be that good. Perhaps I should include them? No, that would be a bad decision. Let the men have their fun, they earned it for themselves and thats how they are going to see it.




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