The Night Angels


Day 1,491

Such a rag-a-muffin group these new guys (and lady, though she is a drow) are, though they got the job done and in wonderful timing I might add. Perhaps they will fit in here quite well. Though, I dare say some of the lads will have a problem with new people so soon.

I’m going to have to keep my nose on the human one. He has some issues and could become a problem. I don’t like the whispers I hear about him and talking to people in his mind. That could be troublesome if he can indeed read minds, ‘could also be really useful though.

I had them check on house Cannith last night, though I haven’t herd from them yet this morning. I’m sure they can handle themselves, as long as they don’t run into to much resistance. That reminds me, make sure to have them sign the contract if they are going to be sticking around.

Went to check out the other guilds house last night and was really surprised to see the summoning room. What could they have possibly been doing there. I came home and took a look at the ritual book that Mentok gave me. Jerry wasn’t to happy to bleed on it for me, he’ll get over it though.

Ritual book contained some pretty hairy stuff, but the only thing that stuck out to me was the missing page containing the final instructions for the “Waking” of something. It’s obvious that whatever they were doing in that room was completed, but the pages missing are what would have told us the purpose. This also explains all the missing dock workers the other houses have been blaming me for. Seems you need 25 unwilling candidates for the first sacrifice. I fear the fact that “Unwilling” was underlined a few times and seemed to be repeated. Whatever is going on, it can’t be good.

Haven’t herd from my contact in the giant tribe yet this week. I might have to send out a some one.




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